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About Our Firm, and How It Has Helped Many Others
Solve Their Marketing Problems

Marketing Psychology Group has a reputation for outstanding, creative accomplishments for a select clientele -- in other words, we help our clients to make more money than they are now. Formerly doing business as Rossi Partners, which was ranked by the two major business publications as one of the Top Ten marketing / public relations companies for over ten years, MPG uses a scientific approach to help clients get more value from their marketing / advertising dollar. This Psychological Marketing approach was developed by Dr. Gary A. Witt, MPG's managing partner, and a Professor of Marketing at a leading Arizona University.

Marketing Psychology Group is a fresh, dynamic, and imaginative firm. It offers clients a complete, integrated approach to all aspects of marketing communications:

  • Marketing Strategy development and implementation

  • Internet Marketing Strategy and Web site design
  • Market research & analysis
  • Analysis and re-design of your marketing materials (click Here for details)
  • Buyer research & analysis
  • Hispanic targeted marketing strategy
  • Advertising (click Here to get a free sample of our new ad book)
  • Public relations
  • Direct mail and e-mail campaigns
  • Pro-active image management
  • Crisis management
  • Event marketing and production
  • Creative radio & TV design and production
  • Media relations
  • Media planning & placement
  • Sales promotion
  • Public affairs
  • Government affairs
  • Community relations
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Client Stewardship. This is the most important service we offer to clients. At the Marketing Psychology Group, you are never a number or a project, but a person whose problems and future we care about, and work to improve.
    The firm offers a wide range of research services to help clients precisely understand their customers, and their real business.

    Click HERE to learn more about each of these services and how they could benefit your company.

Marketing Psychology Group specializes in creating tailored marketing plans for traditional channels and for the Internet. Individualized marketing strategies are based on a detailed psychological analysis of the client's targeted customer niche, called Psychological Marketing. This approach uses proprietary software developed by managing partner, Dr. Gary A. Witt, who is also an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Western International University (one of the top ranked private business schools in the country) teaching courses in Buyer Behavior and Internet Marketing. Dr. Witt holds a doctorate with honors in both psychology and communications from the University of Texas. A former television news anchorman and PBS network television producer, Dr. Witt has received numerous awards for creative excellence. He is the author of High Impact: The Psychology of Effective Advertising. It is filled with practical tips for the small business owner. Click the title to see how this book can make your ads more profitable.

Marketing Psychology Group has placed stories in local, national, and international press. Our clients receive measurable results of success in terms of broadcast "air time" and print "column inches." Success may also be measured by the quality and reputation of the clients which the firm has served, such as US West Communications, Art & Design (the company which created the 50-foot tall bronze lion outside the MGM Casino in Las Vegas), Grupo Romero/Mexico, Grupo Diavaz/Mexico, Tres Chic Trading Company/Malaysia, and Harrah's, among many others.

Marketing Psychology Group creates and executes exceptional marketing plans for a highly select clientele. The firm is proud of its national reputation as a discrete and imaginative agency which provides great value to its distinguished clients. We hope to help your firm surpass its marketing goals. We will be pleased to discuss our services with you at any time, and to offer a complimentary initial analysis of your current plans.

We hope you will allow us to become part of your corporate family. Click Here to contact us by e-mail, or call us directly at (480) 425-8600.


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