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If your online store is typical, you aren't selling as much as you could be.

80% of all e-commerce sites don't even make back their cost!

Most online stores CAN sell more. They just need some specialized fine-tuning.

The key to selling more is PSYCHOLOGICAL MARKETING. By discovering your customers' REAL motives for buying, your Web site can be packed with dozens of conscious and subconscious "buying triggers" that will persuade them to buy from YOU.

The Marketing Psychology Group / Scottsdale specializes in three Web marketing services:

  1. Analysis of YOUR online customers' true buying motivations

  2. Design of YOUR Web site messages to trigger those motivations
  3. Design of online marketing strategies to drive more customers to YOUR Web site

  • You will find hundreds of helpful online and offline marketing tips here, including several articles about how to create an effective Web site.

  • Be sure to get our free Web Marketing Psychology Report. It gives you new, practical ideas every month on how to sell more online. Just click on "Free Newsletter."

  • If you need more detailed help, contact us.


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 Also look at the helpful (and free) excerpts from Dr. Witt's books:

"Don't give up on the Web -- it is truly the train to the future. You can ride it in First Class or in the cattle car. The difference is in how well your site persuades visitors to become customers."