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  • "The Marketing Psychology Group gave us outstanding professional service [on Web site strategy and design]. Whenever there was a question or a problem it was addressed immediately and in a way that made you feel you were part of a team and not just another customer. Their advice was always clear and made sense, which is important if you are a laymen in the field of the Internet. We are extremely pleased with their services and would highly recommend The Marketing Psychology Group to our business partners."
    -- Paul Snell, AGP Division Manager, Executive Search Division, HURECS Inc. (Tokyo, Japan) (View site)

  • "If the Madison Avenue creatives understood half of what you are saying [in "HIGH IMPACT"], their advertising would improve tenfold!" -- Richard Potter, Potter & Associates, Los Angeles

  • "A marketing and public relations professional myself for 23 years, I am extremely impressed with your credentials, knowledge and insight about Internet marketing. I find myself visiting your site often. With all the information available on the Web, it's hard to know who the true experts and professionals are. You certainly are right on top!"
    -- Nancy J. Wintner, GWN Consultants/Marketing & Public Relations, Pittsburgh, former Senior Account Executive, Ketchum Public Relations.

  • "Our Bug Master site looks exceptionally good. I have received a lot of compliments on your work."
    -- Augustine Escada, Bug Master Products. (view site)

  • "Your Web design strategy really paid off for my business. We increased sales by over 230% in just two months after you redesigned our site." -- Pam Abraman, Abraman Website Promotion Services

  • "You had a perfect solution to my problem that was easy to understand. Pity you weren't a lecturer at my university." -- T. Noske, Noske Company.

  • "Really good work! You turned our dry marketing materials into ones our customers really like."
    -- D. Terrell, EPI Arizona

  • "Your advice has been extremely useful in our marketing plans for the United States. I think it gives us the advantage we need to penetrate that market." -- S. Ismail, Tres Chic Trading Co. (Malaysia)

  • "I really like the changes you've made. They are very creative. I feel confident they're what we need."
    -- D. Ambrosino, Advanced Biz.Com

  • "Thank you for all good work you did for me and my company. I want to work with you again on an upcoming project." -- Y. Mansour, Vedex Security (Cairo, Egypt)

  • "I believe that we will make good export business with the advice you gave us. Thank you."
    -- E. Surin, RB Consulting Center, (Kuzbass, Russia)


  • "Excellent seminar. . . brings the real world and business fundamentals to the web." --
      Michael Fox, Brinks Home Security.

  • "Most informative. Well worth the time." -- Frederic van Biene, Four Winds Aviation
  • It was most informative as well as entertaining." -- Joan Howard, L.E.S.S., Inc.
  • "Fantastic! Great opener. Fires the imagination from the beginning!" -- Norm Jones, JonesFamily
  • "Informative stories made the point. I could have stayed longer!" -- Vickie Morrow, Minding Your OwnBiz
  • Excellent points! I feel that there are very pragmatic ideas that can be put to use." -- Brian Flatcar, Harris Photography, Phoenix
  • "Very good presentation, organization, vocal variety and content." -- Transtar, Scottsdale
  • "Very helpful, insightful, good information." -- Kathy Vanderworp, Scottsdale
  • "Excellent!" -- Trish Coyle, Scottsdale
  • "Thanks, that was fun!" -- Mary Villanueva, Scottsdale
  • "I found this class very helpful with good guidance and direction." -- Raycee, Phoenix
  • "Subjects and topics were very informative and useful. Thank you." -- David Hawley, Phoenix
  • "Good, usable information. Didn't turn into a sales pitch, which is what I expected!" --
      Norman & Karen Miller, A-Quality Pool Services
  • "Informative and amusing! I can't wait to apply some of these principles!" -- Jackie Ulmer, Street Smart Group



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