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Attract More VISITORS !
With your own custom "Online Marketing Strategy Plan"!

    You've tried so many things to build traffic and sales, and not much has happened, right? You know you can't rely on search engines, but what else is there? A lot!
    Our unique "Online Marketing Strategies Plan" creates a personalized blueprint to get your product / service and your site's address in front of the people you want to attract, the people most likely to buy. And it helps to pre-sell them before they even show up.
    How can YOU benefit? You will . . .

  1.   Reach more potential customers
  2.   Reach already interested buyers
  3.   Present targeted messages to specific buyer groups
  4.   Present the most persuasive message to each group
  5.   Get more "bang for your buck"
  6.   Use professional marketing strategies, but under your control
  7.   Build Image and Name ID, too
  8.   Save money on marketing
    These are the same online marketing strategies Dr. Witt teaches his University grad students in Internet Marketing! They include targeted (opt-in) e-mail, newsletter articles and ads, viral marketing, and online PR, among many others.

  • We create a Plan specifically for YOUR goals, products and customers. Each of its strategies are integrated, creating an effective synergy that maximizes the impact of each strategy and INCREASES THE IMPACT OF YOUR MARKETING BUDGET!

  • Each strategy is presented in a 'cookbook' format that makes it EASY for anyone, including your secretary or AA, to implement it with little more than just "cut and paste." Saves YOUR valuable time for other things.
  • Each CUSTOMIZED, strategic Online Marketing Plan usually takes about three weeks to prepare, depending on the difficulty in obtaining data and information. A complete Plan usually runs over 40 pages, plus extensive Appendices.
  • Two options make these professional online marketing strategies affordable for most business budgets:
    (1) The Basic Online Marketing Strategies Plan -- includes the nine most important online marketing strategies to get you started on improving your traffic and sales, customized for YOUR business and goals: $895.00 (only 50% down).
    (2) The Complete Online Marketing Strategies Plan -- includes eighteen different online marketing strategies, plus a bonus: Three NEW Revenue Streams for YOUR Business. AND... the complete plan includes PERSONAL guidance and answers to your Web marketing questions from Dr. Witt! You'll talk directly to Dr. Witt by telephone or in person, not just by e-mail. $1,295.00 (only 50% down)

    Why not let us explain how we can increase your traffic and sales? Click HERE to describe your particular online needs and goals.


    To learn more about Dr. Witt's background and experience in creating persuasive media strategies, click here.


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