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  >> We formerly did business as Rossi Partners, which was ranked by two major business publications as one of the top marketing and public relations agencies in Arizona. <<


  • Marketing strategy -- we will develop a specialized Psychological Marketing strategy based on your goals, customers, product/service, budget, and unique requirements which will provide the best opportunity for growth. This is the KEY step in making your business grow! You will learn the key buying motivations you must promise to satisfy in every message your buyers receive, from ads and brochures to publicity and promotions. You MUST know this!

  • Internet Marketing Strategy & Web Site Design -- we help companies around the world improve their marketing plans OVER THE INTERNET. It is fast, easy to do, and much less expensive! Contact us for more information by clicking HERE. We will analyze or develop your Web site using the best Psychological Marketing strategy to increase its popularity and boost your Internet sales. Dr. Witt teaches "Marketing on the Internet" at the University.

  • Strategic re-tooling -- we will show you how to utilize your current plan and set of circumstances to create an inexpensive, effective marketing strategy.
  • Market research & analysis -- we will plan and conduct research, analyze the results from both a marketing and psychological perspective, and offer careful recommendations about market opportunities in specific locales or for specific products / services.
  • Marketing Materials Analysis and Re-design -- we psychologically analyze your marketing materials to pinpoint what parts are effective, and what parts are silently holding you back from more sales. We analyze your marketing materials quickly and inexpensively over the Internet. Click HERE to see a sample of our analysis.


You could GUESS, or count them. Many marketing plans guess about what their buyers REALLY want. We provide clients exceptional research services that will discover the KEYS to persuading buyers. Sales growth comes from KNOWING, not guessing!

  • Buyer research & analysis -- we will plan and conduct research to determine specific motivations of targeted buyer groups, analyze the results, and offer careful recommendations about the best strategy to influence these buyers.

  • Hispanic targeted marketing strategy -- We provide expert analysis and recommendations of the Hispanic markets through our Mexican-American and Mexican national consultants. We will plan and implement specialized Psychological Marketing strategies to influence targeted Hispanic buyers.

  • Advertising -- we will design your advertising campaign based on a careful psychological marketing analysis of your product and customers, write your ad copy, and, working with a professional advertising design agency, create print, radio, and television ads as needed. We will also prepare effective banner advertising especially for the Internet Advertising. Don't miss out on a free sample of Dr. Witt's new book "HIGH IMPACT: How to Create Ads that SELL!" Click HERE for the free sample. (PS: This makes a great gift!)
  • Public relations -- we will plan and carry out a public relations campaign which fits into your overall marketing strategy. This will include press relations, press releases, press conferences, other publicity, newspaper and magazine stories, and special events, among others.
  • Pro-active image management -- we will work with you to analyze the most effective images for your company and individual brands, create a positioning strategy using that image(s), implement that strategy to replace your current image with the new or modified one, and manage that image to keep it fresh and effective.
  • Crisis management -- we will work with you to create the most positive position possible, create strategies to improve that position in the immediate future, and work with your staff and the press to mitigate any damage to the company's reputation. We will also work with your staff on the best way to handle press questions and interviews.

  • Event production -- we will plan and implement any marketing-related special event for your company, including openings, celebrations, and unveilings.

  • Creative radio & TV design and production -- we will design, write and produce your radio and television media, based on the most effective psychological marketing strategy for your product or service. We have won numerous awards for radio and television media productions.
  • Media relations -- we will serve as a liaison between your company and the media, providing effective press releases, story ideas, and interviews. We will also work with you on how to handle a media interview.
  • Media planning & placement -- we will plan the placement of your advertising, infomercials, and other media, and work with a professional media buying service to put together the most cost-effective ad package possible, including many value-added extras provided by the media outlets.

  • Sales promotion -- we will work with your sales staff to fine tune their sales materials and presentations based on effective psychological marketing techniques.

  • Government affairs -- we will serve as your government representative, lobbying elected officials and staff on behalf of your issues. We will also maintain a constant awareness of any issues which may impact your company.
  • Community relations -- we will serve as your representative to important community groups and associations. We will create effective strategies for presenting your company's position to these groups, and working with them.
  • Seminars and workshops -- we will present seminars or workshops on marketing, advertising, sales or public relations topics to your employees or other interested parties. These seminars all focus on how to use psychological strategies to achieve specific communications goals.

To reach the Marketing Psychology Group:
Phone: (480) 425-8600
Fax: (480) 946-9000
e-mail: witt@marketingpsychology.com or just click HERE and tell us what you would like to accomplish.


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