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    Dr. Gary Witt will be conducting free seminars in the metro Phoenix, Arizona area in the upcoming months. The seminar, entitled "How To Attract, Sell, and Keep Online Customers," will cover topics including:

  • Coming opportunities and pitfalls on the Internet

  • Getting started the right way
  • Understanding what your customers REALLY want
  • Psychological Keys to Web site design
  • How to evaluate your current Web site
  • Easy ways to fail in e-commerce
  • Building personalized relationships
  • Online marketing strategies to sell more
  • Integrating online and offline marketing strategies
  • Ten steps to success in Internet marketing
  • How to take advantage of the Internet Future


  • "Excellent points! I feel that there are very pragmatic ideas that can be put to use." -- Brian Flatcar, Harris Photography, Phoenix

  • "Good, usable information. Didn't turn into a sales pitch, which is what I expected!" --
      Norman & Karen Miller, A-Quality Pool Services
  • "Fantastic! Great opener. Fires the imagination from the beginning!" -- Norm Jones, Jones Family Companies

    This is an INFORMATION ONLY seminar, not a covert attempt to sell you anything. Much of the information covered is identical to that Dr. Witt has used in his Internet Marketing classes at Western International University and Scottsdale Community College (for small business owners.) Handouts will be provided.
    The seminar is suitable for anyone interested in Internet marketing, but it is especially suitable for small business owners who have a Web site or who are considering one. The information presented is easily understandable without any specialized training or experience.

  • To read more comments from others who have taken the seminar, click HERE.

Seminars are being scheduled now. Please fill in the form below to be notified of dates.

    REGISTRATION: Please fill out this form, or call 480-425-8600




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AUDIOTAPE: If you cannot attend, an audiotape recording of the seminar is available for $7.00, including shipping and all handouts offered at the seminar. Click here to order:

 If you have particular topics you are interested in, be sure to let us know.

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