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We know that one of the problems of any business is finding reliable resources quickly. We want to help by providing a number of helpful links to other products and services that will save you time, money and headaches!

Some of the sites are goal-specific, while others (noted) are multipurpose. If you have recommendations for other sites, we'd be grateful, and will send you a gift.

If you would like to receive a list of over 100 great Web sites for small businesses -- the same ones I give to my University classes on Internet Marketing -- just click "Contact Us" and ask for "100 Great Web Sites." It's free.

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Great Search Engines and Huge Information Hubs
Ask Jeeves -- ask your search questions in English
Dogpile -- searches dozens of other engines. Our favorite engine.
About.com -- real help on hundreds of different needs
Google.com -- one of the best; finds sites others don't
Information Please -- a king-size helping of resources, including almanacs
US Federal Government -- good place to enter the labyrinth of the US government
Fed World -- another good entry point for US government information
Medical & Health -- if you've got a question about your health, start here. Huge!
Seeking Health -- another great info hub for health. You can't work if you're not healthy.

Sources for Hard Data
US Census Bureau -- it's jam packed, but your data may not be so easy to find.
Library of Congress' Country Studies -- Exporting? Learn about any country here.
Beige Book -- current government economic trends and forecasts assembled from all over USA. Tremendous resource for planning.
STAT-USA -- you have to pay ($150/year), but the amount of trade and economic information you can get is staggering!
Environmental Protection -- start here for questions about the environment and laws
Currency Calculation -- just enter the currency and amount, it does the conversion.
US Customs -- if you're importing or exporting to the US, you need this site.
International Trade -- more good trade stats and exporting advice.
Asia-Pacific Trade -- know the tariffs in and out of about every nation bordering the Pacific Ocean from Mexico to China. Good links and other information, too.
  Internet Specific:
CyberAtlas -- great site for the latest Web research.
Computer Industry Almanac -- they sell the Almanac, but their free press releases contain tons of useful information about who's on line.

When Your Business Needs Help, Look Here
All Experts -- free help from experts in nearly every field makes this a terrific site
Small Business Administration -- it's a good place to start looking for help.
www.speakersacademy.net -- want to make public talks to bring in business? Start at the Speakers Academy for bookings and advice.
Ibiz Newsletters -- You'll find hundreds of business-related newsletters here. Great resource for ideas.

Using bulk e-mail to market your business:
Opt-In E-Mail -- opt-in lists are the way to go. They've got plenty.
Tile.Net -- lots of newsgroups and lists. Also find folks with similar problems.
www.egroups.com -- got good reviews; worth checking out. Free. (now owned by Yahoo)
www.topica.com -- Top 100 by PC Magazine. Free.
www.listbot.com -- designed for businesses. Free.

Marketing on the Internet
InterNic -- check on the name you want, and register it. Quick and fairly easy
Internet World -- great place to keep up with new developments, ideas and research
Top Sites -- check out these winning Web sites for ways to improve yours
Banner Mall -- Want to use targeted banner ads?
Banner Generator -- create your own banners, free and easy
Link Exchange -- lots of resources, especially if you're starting out
OnLine World -- a good primer on the Internet with some nice links
SmarkClicks -- swap banner ads for a lot of free exposure, like this.

Bizweb-- get your company listed in this online business directory for free.
ComFind -- another business clearinghouse site. Free listing for your company.
Web Marketing Info Center -- lots of ideas. This is a Must See bookmark!

e-Commerce (selling over the Internet)
Pay Pal -- simplest way to take credit cards and even checks, no upfront fees. Make 

payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and 

i-Escrow -- sign up to take credit card payments without costly upfront fees.
BeSeen -- helpful site for taking credit cards, many other features.
e-Commerce Reporting Association -- register and use their confidence-building logo if you qualify. We're members, and a contributor to their newsletter

Improving Your Web Site
www.sitecontentmanager.com -- stuck paying a fee for every change to your site? Here's a great, money-saving solution. If you can type, you can use the Site Content Manager. You'll like working with Ron, too.
www.anybrowser.com -- a great place to see how your site looks on various browsers, and get an analysis of your HTML coding. Well worth the visit!
aaaclipart.com/ -- links to dozens of free clip art sites.
websitegarage.netscape.com/ -- great tools to tune up your site, your graphics, and our download time. Don't miss this one!
FusionBot -- Set up a free search engine for your site. Simple and easy to use.
BeSeen -- Great features to download like HTML for Chat Rooms, Quizes, search engine for your site, plus banner ad exchange and credit card services. Don't miss it!
JavaBoutique -- hundreds of free Java applets to make your site do about anything you want, just cut and paste. Beware of increasing your page download time!
JavaScriptSource -- tons of free scripts, easy to use, and free!

Web Library -- everything you want to know about HTML in plain English.
Web Sites That Suck -- some good examples of bad sites. Also some silly "awards" like this one YOU can use.
Freegraphicland.com is the ultimate list for you to use as a daily resource. Featuring graphic design, JAVA scripts, CGI scripts, CCS, HTML, etc.
Image Editor (free) -- edits your images, also makes them download faster.
CGI Scripts -- treasure chest of free stuff to make your site cool & friendly.

Search Engines: Tips on How to Be Found
www.searchenginewatch.com -- a great library of information and ideas on search engine lore
http://www.linkmaster.com/ -- free listing on this engine
Search Engine Links -- links to two dozen search engines, including direct links to register your Web site.
www.rankthis.com -- a site to see how you rank on various search engines.

Keeping Your Office Running / Buying Online -- General
Pricing Central -- links to dozens of different shopping bot sites to search out the best prices
Buy.com -- low prices on office, computer, video, wireless, electronics, etc. Some great bargains.
Wal Mart -- shop online. Also nice design for e-commerce. Worth studying.
Amazon.com -- order books and music. Become an affiliate. Worth studying for your own affiliate program (be sure you look into setting one up.)
Directory of Online Shopping Malls -- this will save you some time, and maybe money

Keeping Your Office Running / Buying Online -- Computers & Electronics
Pricing Central -- links to a dozen different shopping bot sites to search out the best prices
Image Resource -- buying a digital camera? Go here to look at actual side-by-side photos taken with dozens of different cameras. I did, and it changed the camera I picked. Great in-depth reviews, too. Another great site for digital camera reviews is pcphotoreview.com
ZD Net -- if the word "computer" or "electronics" is part of your question, try here. Tons of software for free. So big it's practically a country!
Simtel Net -- like a library of free software to download.
Jumbo.com -- more freeware (we know you don't like to pay!). Lots of links, too.

Links that are Small Information Hubs
Info-Surf -- a fantastic site with links to thousands of online newspapers and magazines, popular and academic. Run by the Univ. of California.
Medical breakthroughs -- watch for new opportunities to profit from discoveries
Free Links -- check this out for your own advertising, too! Add URL to My Free Links Page

Some for Specific Industries
In the APPAREL industry? Apparel News is great, and links to many other sites.
In IMPORT/EXPORT trade? This Freight Forwarder's site has hidden gems -- classified ads for products from all over the world. Interesting. Other good resources, too.

Miscellaneous Sites Really Worth Seeing
Virtual Tourist -- don't miss this site! Contact people all over the world (I even asked about business etiquette in Malaysia!), time zones, currency, languages, much more.
What's the Future? -- want to relax and find out what your future holds? See your biorhythm, ask the I-Ching, or consult the Tarot cards.

Bartender's Jokes -- need a chuckle to make you smile?

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