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  Many businesses GAMBLE with their marketing dollars because they don't KNOW the right approach. The more you know, the fewer mistakes you make. Growth comes with knowledge, not chance.
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Not Selling Enough? Jump-Start Your Advertising with

"HIGH IMPACT: How YOU Can Create Ads that SELL!"
 The Psychology of Effective Print Advertising
by Dr. Gary Austin Witt

  • This practical text is written for BUSINESSES OF ALL SIZES that want their advertising to bring in more customers, and for ad professionals wanting to know more about the psychology behind the effective techniques they already use. It's an invaluable, one-of-a-kind reference for your business!

  • The book's easy-to-read, simple-to-apply ideas are conveniently broken down into chapters filled with examples about each creative stage in designing effective print ads. No gobbledegook here! Just clear ideas YOU can use.
  • The first chapter starts with practical details on how writers with NO training in psychology or advertising can use psychological marketing to PLAN and CREATE effective print ads.
  • Later chapters give you over FIVE HUNDRED different ideas, tips and "How-To" guidelines on writing headlines, selecting pictures, and writing body copy for ads and brochures. Ideas you can apply today -- and will use for years. A Top Value in marketing and advertising books! SAVE 50% with limited time Introductory Price!

 To read an excerpt from this "HIGH IMPACT" book Click HERE

 What they say . . .
  "I use this book every time I write an ad or a brochure. It's great for writing TV ads, too. Whenever I'm stuck, I'll look through all its ideas and invariably there's something that gets me back on track." 
  -- Paula Simpson, owner, Tropic of Paradise, Inc.

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