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The PsychoAnalysis Tests

"The Gateway to Understanding Your Buyers' Behavior!"


    "I can't afford high-priced research, so this was a great, cheap way to figure out the best way to pitch my products. It's a cool idea that really works." -- Dian Rose, Austin, Texas

PsychoAnalysis can help you discover more about your customers, and how they see your products and services, company, and industry.

The three tests do not require any contact with customers. They are self-administered, delving into your conscious and unconscious knowledge of your buyers' thinking, emotions and decision making from an entirely new angle.

Here's an excerpt from the Introduction to the Tests:

    "Why do you need these tests?

  • Because it is nearly impossible for most business owners to see their products or services, their company, and their industry through the eyes of their customers.

  • It's like owning a dress shop with a big display window -- the view from inside looking out is a lot different than from outside looking in. But it is that outside viewpoint which brings customers in the door.
  • These self-administered tests will help you look "outside in." And that viewpoint will help you make much wiser marketing decisions."

    The 20-page PsychoAnalysis Tests and supporting articles are just $19.95 for the download. And they come with a money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied.
    Many other businesses like the one above have used these Tests to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Is that what you need? This could be your answer.

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