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The Marketing Psychology Group offers a wide range of services to companies in the United States and internationally. To see details of all these services, please click HERE.


  • Web site analysis -- discover the hidden problems that are holding down sales and reducing visitor satisfaction. We offer a "26-Point Web Site Marketing Strength Inventory" covering our analysis of all key areas of your site for just $49.95.
    "A great way to begin improving your site!"
    Click here for details.

  • Web site design -- we offer far more than your ordinary "tech" designer. Our sites are founded in research on YOUR buyers' motivations. Each site is written and constructed with dozens of "buying triggers" to stimulate the buying impulse. You get more than just a "pretty" site -- you have a site that SELLS! We will also work with your current Web designer. Click here to describe your needs.

  • Web site Rx -- if your site isn't living up to your expectations, we can diagnose the problems and cure the hidden roadblocks that are holding you back from success on the Web. Dr. Witt teaches these same advanced principles of web marketing psychology to university grad students. Click here to describe your Web site problems.

  • Web marketing strategies -- one of the most popular services is our unique Online Marketing Strategy Plan. This personalized Plan details a minimum of fifteen separate online marketing strategies specifically for YOUR business that will create more traffic and sales. The Plan is crafted so carefully and in such detail that a secretary or AA can handle most of its implementation. FAR MORE than just search engine placement! Click here to describe your Web marketing problems.

  • Advertising and marketing strategies -- our unique "psychological marketing" approach can help your bricks-and-mortar business reach more people with more persuasive messages. Strategies are focused on sales, positioning, and image enhancement. Click here to describe your business goals and barriers.

  • Customer Research -- we have a strong background in helping companies discover how to sell more at lower cost through research. Click here to describe your business goals and barriers.

  • General marketing consultations and workshops -- we will spend the day with you and your staff, analyzing your goals, customers, marketing materials and channels, even conducting specialized workshops for your staff. You'll gain valuable insights into how to sell more, get more for your marketing dollars, and please your customers. Click here to describe your business goals and barriers.


    (click on the title to read an excerpt or order the download or printed book)

  • 101 Ways to Improve Your Business Web Site.
    This fifty page book covers all the key areas for designing and marketing your Web site in an easy-to-read, question-and-answer format. Focuses on how to make visitors happy, create effective messages, and generate sales.

  • HIGH IMPACT: How You Can Create Advertising That Sells!
    This 129-page book shows the business owner with no ad experience how to create ads that grab attention and sell a message. Also covers basic Web site design concepts to increase online sales. Easy to use, and fun to read. Very popular.

  • Successful Marketing for Small, Home-Based and Web Businesses (available soon)
    This 96-page book covers major areas of marketing for small business owners, including marketing strategy, pricing, positioning, research, advertising, public relations, and the Internet. Readers learn how to use psychological marketing techniques in each of these areas to increase sales.

  • An Introduction to Psychological Marketing
    This fory-one page book compiles Dr. Witt's years of practical advice to the Scottsdale business community in his monthly marketing column. Topics include positioning, research, consumer behavior, online marketing, and many others. Easy to read, "implement it today" format.

  • How to Psycho-Analyze What You Sell and Who You Sell It To.
    This is a collection of four RESEARCH test instruments which any business person can effectively use. Each test helps you understand more about the "psychological marketing" positives and negatives of your product or service, your customers, your company, and your industry. A key tool in motivating customers to buy.


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