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Learn more about how well your Web site is designed for selling with this introductory "get acquainted" special offer. We will examine your current Web site and evaluate it on our proprietary 26-point "Web Site Marketing Strength Inventory." You will receive a comprehensive report which offers you our evaluation of these key Web site areas:

  • Clarity of copy

  • Market focus
  • Stimulation of buyer motives
  • Ease of navigation
  • Layout and design
  • Use of graphics
  • Persuasion index
  • Visitor friendliness index
  • Target customer appeal
  • Assistance rating
  • Download index
  • Marketing relationship index
  • Use of value-added strategies
  • Ease of shopping index
  • Checkout process
  • . . . and 11 other evaluations of the Marketing Psychology of your site


To request your 26-point "Web Site Marketing Strength Inventory"
please click here:


    With this "Web Site Marketing Strength Inventory." report you will clearly see where your Web site needs to be improved to:

  1. Generate more sales

  2. Create greater visitor satisfaction
  3. Produce more return visits
  4. Create a positive, professional image of your business and your products or services

Your "Web Site Marketing Strength Inventory" is a key step in selling more online.

  • Your analysis will be personally done by Dr. Gary A. Witt, a twenty-five year marketing veteran who teaches Internet Marketing at Western International University and regularly counsels small business owners on improving their Web site designs for more sales.

A special, advanced "57-Point Web Site Marketing Strength Analysis" is also available for $89.95. This analysis takes your site through an even more powerful "marketing microscope" to find even more hidden problems. Click HERE to order.

The Marketing Psychology Group / Scottsdale is a member of the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce.


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