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Are Your Marketing Materials Your
Hidden Enemy?

We trust our marketing materials like our family. They are suppose to help us. But often the marketing materials used by businesses, especially small businesses, are filled with problems that turn them into YOUR HIDDEN ENEMY. What do they do?

  1. Cost you sales

  2. Damage your company's image
  3. Create ill-will
  4. Increase your marketing ROI
  5. Help your competitors

Worst of all -- you'll probably NEVER KNOW!

At the Marketing Psychology Group, we specialize in the analysis and design of effective marketing materials -- ads, brochures, Internet sites, and so on.

A quick "check up" analysis of the marketing materials your business depends on could pay for itself within a week!

Why spend the money? If we're smart, we go to the doctor at least once a year for a physical checkup, whether we feel sick or not. Why? To catch any hidden problems before it's too late! Right?
On your visit to the Marketing Psychology Group, Dr. Witt will check over your important marketing materials for any hidden problems, before its too late to save important sales and customers.

A regular marketing check-up not only pays for itself in terms of more sales, but also provides business executives like you with the peace of mind that comes from KNOWING the messages you are sending to prospective buyers contain only Positive Winners, not any Hidden Enemies.

  • Let us show you the kind of analysis you'll receive, then you can judge if this service could be profitable for you. Click HERE to see a real-life example of our Psychological Marketing analysis of two direct mail pieces.

>>> READY TO LEARN HOW TO SELL MORE? Simply attach or copy your marketing materials to an e-mail. We'll promptly let you know what our analysis will cost. YOU'LL BE PLEASANTLY SURPRISED. GUARANTEE: MATERIALS WITH FEW OR NO PROBLEMS WILL BE ANALYZED FOR FREE.

Click HERE to begin. Describe your target audience for each piece, then attach a copy of the materials and send them to us.

If you don't have marketing materials, let us design them right the first time!

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